About Us

From the very beginning

The website owner: I've been thinking for a while about what I should write here. For a regular user, the name of this page implies that there's a big and boring wall of text no one would want to read. But you may be the one who wants to spare 10 minutes and read my story. I'll do my best to make it short.

I spent a large chunk of my childhood and student years on computer games of all sorts, just like most other guys.

League of Legends was the game that captured my attention like anything else. I played it for the first time somewhere in 2012 and it had left a lasting impression on me since it was a great discovery in the world of online games. Back in the days, I could not understand how it was even possible to create such a wonderful game as people played mostly browser games.

As time passed, I dropped out of school first, then the university that I had miraculously gotten into.

However, my excessive gaming experience was not too protracted. A lack of money made me look for a job — simply because I needed money to pay for the Internet and thus be able to play online games. 

No matter how unlikely it sounds, the cost of Internet services was pretty expensive, especially for an unemployed student.

Where could I go with no education or even job experience? All I knew was how to play League of Legends. Somehow, I found listings selling League of Legends accounts on e*ay, one of the most popular online marketplaces. It was very interesting for me as I realized that if I sold my gaming account I would be able to pay for six months of Internet services in advance. 

Next day, I created a listing with my account for sale. It didn't take long for the first customer as my acc was considered to be quite valuable at the time.

Long story short, I got conned out of both money and my account :) To be honest, I got it back later thanks to the support and sold it to a decent buyer. By the way, this person still plays the game on this account 9 years later.

At that point, I came up with an idea. First, there were many people like me who wanted to sell their gaming accounts for some reason. Second, there were many prospective buyers who were willing to pay for them.

Coming back to my story, I paid for the Internet. But what should I do next? I figured out that I need to go further down that road. In a few days, I found several gaming forums, signed up on each of them, and started doing business as a middleman for those who sell and buy gaming accounts. I was making 5% on each sold account. There were tons of deals, but money wasn't that big. That being said, even that money was decent for a regular Ukrainian guy: it was more than enough for the Internet services and even for a brand new PC :) I then started to look for an additional source of income in that sphere and occasionally decided to create forum threads offering ELO boosting in League of Legends. Being an obsessive gamer, I was boosting accounts of other players all day long. Much to my surprise, orders were in abundance and the pay was quite good, too. Few people wanted to play for 24 hours, yet many players wanted a good ELO ranking. By that time, I had saved some money to open my own little website. I even managed to put together a team of boosters. The development of that first website took an extreme amount of time and effort. In two years, it became pretty popular — frankly, I didn't even expect it. You may be wondering: what was the secret of its popularity? It's pretty simple. Our website never cheated any buyers of sellers. We were providing honest services to our users and that was our key to success.

Those 2 years gave me tons of knowledge in such spheres as digital marketing and website promotion. Unfortunately, it didn't protect our website from Google filters. The website got closed because someone at Google had considered it as a bad SEO practice with bad links. It got penalized and have not since been shown on the search results page.

It was kind of strange. It took just one day to destroy two years of work. Eventually, I decided to close it for good as it was impossible to make it grow once more.

Six months after my website had been closed, I stumbled upon one peculiar file while cleaning my PC. The file had access to the email address which had been used for customers' inquiries. Signing in, I didn't even understand what was going on at first. There were about a thousand unread messages from former buyers and sellers. Most of them were quite similar: why is the website closed? Where can I buy and sell gaming accounts without risk?

Before I finish, I'd like to mention that I had little desire to create a new website from scratch. On one hand, it would require tons of time and money while the risk of website being closed still persisted. On the other, game developers are not too fond of that kind of activities when people buy and sell accounts. On many websites, people do get scammed and I can say with confidence that it is a very uncertain niche because of numerous scammers.

I'm certain that it has no impact on game developers' revenue, but they still don't like "fools" like me who make such projects popular.

And now, the end of the story. You're reading all of this on a new website. I didn't even want to launch it at first, but email messages kept coming to my inbox each day...

Nospells.com won't help me earn millions of dollars and get into the Forbes lists. Trust me, one cannot make good money in this sphere in the long-term perspective, and I speak from experience. This website is launched, and it will exist for as long as users need it.

As I'm writing this, it's not even open though. Nobody knows about its existence. 

Will it become as popular as the previous one? I have no idea.

For how long will it be around? I don't know this either. 

What else should I add? Hmmm...