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Hextech Malzahar Skin Info

Champion Skin
Mythic skin
Release date
October 18, 2018
Xu 'Crow God" Cheng
Not Available in Riot Store
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Skin Overview

Hextech Malzahar is the seventh skin designed for the champion called Malzahar.

How to get Hextech Malzahar skin?

There are as much as 4 ways to obtain Hextech Malzahar:

Hextech Malzahar from Hextech Crafting using 10 gemstones
  • Using the Hextech Crafting system in League of Legends. In order to open a chest, you would need to spend tons of time collecting 10 gemstones. All gemstones skins are considered to be very expensive, and their prices are not always reasonable.
  • Getting a random drop from Hextech Chests.
  • Being lucky and getting it through a skin shard like any other skin.

Is it really worth spending money and time to craft Hextech chests? Well, it is up to you. All we can do is recommend you playing with this skin on the PBE server or watching YouTubers reviewing this skin at least. It will help you make up your own mind about it.

Main Frequently Asked Questions

How about its rarity?

It is not a Legacy skin, but quite rare due to price

How much is Hextech Malzahar worth? Price?

If we look at the Hextech system - the price is 10 Gemstones. But if you consider the $ value - around $100-$300.

Can you get it in mystery gifts?

No, you Can't!

Can you get it as a gift from Riot Games?

No, you Can't!

Is It Legacy skin?

No, It's not!

Can you get it from personalized store?

No, you Can't!

Hextech Malzahar pictures in game

Hextech Malzahar skin picture 1 in League of Legends game Hextech Malzahar skin picture 2 in League of Legends game Hextech Malzahar skin picture 3 in League of Legends game Hextech Malzahar skin picture 4 in League of Legends game

Our opinion about Hexthech Malzahar

The thing is, there are many controversies with respect to this skin among League of Legends players (You can read on reddit).

Some of them think that the older skin was much better than the current one. Some really think that the updated skin is one of the best items in the Hextech series. Others will tell you that it is not worth any single penny spent for the purchased chests. So many men, so many minds.

The team of is of one mind that the current skin does not look so good and competitive if compared to other Hextech skins. Furthermore, its sound effects could have been much better, considering the price for the skin.

If this guide has helped you learn something useful and new about Hextech Malzahar, be sure to click on any emoticon using the chat widget.

Thank you for reading and good luck on the League of Legends battlefields!

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