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Information About League of Legends Riot Points


Hello, summoner!

In this guide we are going to teach you 7 quick ways how to get Riot points. First of all, you can rest assured that all these ways are legal and don’t violate the League of Legends Terms of Service. You should not use any shady third-party resources to buy cheap or get free Riot points, nor disclose your login or password to someone else, and here’s why:

  • You might get scammed
  • The administration may ban your account due to the violation of the rules governing RP purchases

7 Ways how to get RP in League of Legends

A little note before we begin. If you happen to know any other ways to legally earn or acquire RP, please write them in the comments. We will add your suggestion to our list!

And now, let’s get started.

#1. Use your League of Legends client

Most likely, you already know this way so there’s not much to talk about. There’s one thing we would like to remind you though: during some holidays the cost of RP is reduced because of holiday discounts.

Image how to get riot points in league of legends client

#2. Use a League of Legends gift card

You can always purchase a Gift Card from official League of Legends resellers!

Once again, please pay attention to the “official” part. These sellers offer items at the same price as Riot Store does. You can compare prices by entering the store in your game client.

If someone offers you to buy a gift card at a lower price, like two or three times cheaper than in Riot Store, we strongly recommend you to avoid such people.

Also, there are no free gift cards in LoL.

You may have a question: where to buy League of Legends gift cards then? We got you covered, here’s the list of official Riot-authorized sellers:

league of legends lol gift card official sellers

Be sure to read some reviews before buying online. Here is one of them:

Picture where to buy league of legends gift cards

If you don’t know where to enter a LoL gift card code, follow the screenshots below:

Image 1 how to use league of legends riot points and gift cards

#3. Use your 400 RP

All players get 400 RP upon reaching level 3, so you can make use of it :D

#4. Take part in championships and tournaments

Free Riot points are granted for those who participate, win, or lose in LoL tournaments. Their number and the way you get them depend on the scale and terms of each competition. Tournaments are held on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

The tournament website can look like this:

Image where and how to win free riot points

By the way, if you don’t know how to win tournaments, here’s a little tip for you: you simply have to train every day :)

This is not a free RP charity, after all.

Less popular ways to earn Riot points

#5. Wait for giveaways and various events

Sometimes the administration of League of Legends is just generous. Some holidays or events may bring free RP (or various codes) for all players, even those with Iron ELO ranking.

#6. Experience a game crash

The League of Legends administration is known for occasionally giving out RP as a compensation for those whose game sessions have crashed. That said, it usually had to do with server issues that affected players globally.

Such occasions are very rare and RP points are not necessarily given out.

#7. Complete tasks on “beer money sites”

Such tasks may include following someone on Instagram, watching videos, or do some monotonous work. After completing several tasks, you may be given Riot gift cards, Riot points codes, or money (which you can also use to purchase RP).

That’s it! The team has collected all the information about how to get Riot points in LoL.

If you know any other ways to do that, please share them in the comments, we would greatly appreciate that. Good luck!

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