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Riot Squad Singed: All Available Info

Champion Skin
Limited skin
Release date
Not Available in Riot Store
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Skin Overview

Riot Squad Singed is the third skin designed for the Singed champion.

How could you get Riot Squad Singed before?

Riot Squad Singed is a skin that was up for grabs during real life League of Legends Riot events in 2010-2011, such as PAX. It’s considered a PAX skin as it was created as an exclusive goodie for PAX attendees. That’s why it should not be confused with the Riot group skins series as they are technically not the same.

How to get Riot Squad Singed now?

First of all, this skin is not available for purchase at the moment. Chances are that it won’t be obtainable at the store anymore. Earlier, one could acquire this skin by redeeming a code received at the League of Legends PAX event. Also, after the release, a code could be purchased on ebay.

If you want to obtain this skin now, your only option is to get it along with some old accounts from 2010-2011.

While our website does sell such accounts, the choice is not that great as it is extremely rare


Who knows, maybe it will even suddenly become available for sale one day, just like CS Riven 2016.

Main Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Riot Squad Singed code for sale?

The only legit way to obtain this skin was through using a code. Alas, they were all disabled at some point. It means that all of these codes are useless now as they are not working anymore. So, don’t trust guys who are trying to sell such codes ten years later.

What was its original price?

Typically, such codes were given out for free. Buy team have learned two really interesting facts about this skin:

  • First, once this unique version of Singed costed 975 RP on the PBE server at some point.
  • Second, back in the days of Season 1, 975RP was all you needed to get this skin. This deal was available just for one week though.

Secondary Questions and Answers

Riot Squad Singed rarity

Very Rare skin, since it could only be obtained in 2010.

Can you get it from Hextech Crafting?

You cannot get it from Hextech ?rafting.

Can you get it from Hextech Chest?

No, You Can't.

Can you get it in mystery gifts?

No, You Can't.

Can you get it as a gift from Riot Games?

No, You Can't.

Is it Legacy skin?

No, It's a Limited skin.

Can you get it from personalized store?

No, You Can't.

Riot Squad Singed Pictures in game

Riot Squad Singed skin picture1 in League of Legends game Riot Squad Singed skin picture2 in League of Legends game Riot Squad Singed skin picture3 in League of Legends game Riot Squad Singed skin picture4 in League of Legends game Riot Squad Singed skin picture5 in League of Legends game Riot Squad Singed skin picture6 in League of Legends game

Let’s hope that one day the developers will decide to update this Singed skin and make it available once again.

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