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Silver Kayle: All Available Info

Champion Skin
Release time
November 13, 2009
Jem Flores
Not Available in Riot Store
Old name
Silver Judicator Kayle
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Judgement Kayle, Pentakill Kayle, Riot Kayle, Transcended Kayle, Viridian Kayle

Retail Collector's Edition


Skin Overview

Silver Kayle is the second skin designed for the Kayle champion.

How could you get Silver Kayle before?

We should go back to 2009, the time when this skin was first introduced to players.

In those times, there were several Collector’s Edition skins which could only be obtained by purchasing Digital or Retail Collector’s Edition packs. Silver Kayle was one of these incentives: it was awarded to those who had bought the Retail version of the League of Legends Collectors Edition.

This skin was a one-time reward not available for sale anywhere else. Only those who owned the beta version of the game on CD could boast of having this version of Kayle. It was basically one of the reasons to buy the physical edition of League of Legends. People knew that this skin would be exclusive.

The Retail Collector’s Edition was the paid version of League of Legends available for sale for $ 29.00.

So, Silver Kayle was one of the 4 Collector’s Edition skins released back in 2009:

  • Digital Collector's Pack — Goth Annie
  • Retail Collector's Pack — Silver Kayle
  • Digital Pre-order before 10/26/09 — Goth Annie and Black Alistar (earlier: Black Minotaur)
  • Retail Pre-order before 10/26/09 — Silver Kayle and Young Ryze

The Digital Collector’s Pack costs RP 2393 and has been available since July 14, 2009. Silver Kayle has 2 splash arts (unmasked and with helmet). Those who have the Silver skin likely also have the Judgement version.

How to get Silver Kayle now?

This unique version of Kayle is a Season 1 Ranked reward skin. It order to get it, one had to take part in the first season of League of Legends ten years ago.

It was also possible to purchase a code on ebay immediately after the release.

There’s one more option though. You can still buy an account that was created in the times of the first season, provided that it has the rewards of the Digital Pre-Order pack. Our online store has some of them for sale. Their price is in line with the demand and its rarity.


Main Frequently Asked Questions

What about the rarity this skin?

As you may have guessed, this skin is very rare. There’s no ways to obtain it in the game anymore, except for some unconventional options. About 1% of players have this skin.

Silver Kayle code

All codes were deactivated back in 2014. Trying to find and purchase a code from someone isn’t a good idea anymore.

How much is it worth in RP? What Price?

Since this skin available for sale, you cannot purchase it for Riot points.

Can you get Silver Kayle from Hextech Crafting?

You cannot get this skin via Hextech crafting, and it is not rerollable.

And last but not least, it may well be that the developers will decide to make it available for sale once again. The NEO Sivir is a good example, although, in that case, it would be somewhat unfair towards veteran players having exclusive skins. The chance is likely much less than 1% anyway.

Can you get it from Hextech Chest?

No, you Can't!

Secondary Questions and Answers

Can you get it in mystery gifts?

No, you Can't!

Can you get it as a gift from Riot Games?

No, you Can't!

Is it Legacy skin?

No, It's Retail Collector's Edition skin.

Can you get it from personalized store?

No, you Can't!

Silver Kayle pictures in game

Level 1-5

Silver Kayle skin 1-5 level picture1 in League of Legends game Silver Kayle skin 1-5 level picture2 in League of Legends game

Level 6-10

Silver Kayle skin 6-10 level picture1 in League of Legends game Silver Kayle skin 6-10 level picture2 in League of Legends game

Level 11-15

Silver Kayle skin 11-15 level picture1 in League of Legends game Silver Kayle skin 11-15 level picture2 in League of Legends game

Level 16+

Silver Kayle skin 16 level picture1 in League of Legends game Silver Kayle skin 16 level picture2 in League of Legends game

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