Taking away an account?

Will you take my account away after I buy it?

Answer: Here are some points on why we are definitely not going to take your account away:

  • #1.The simplest one: we just do not have the recovery information to each account.
  • #2.If we take your account away, you will open a dispute.
  • #3.If we take your account away, you will tell your friends and other people about it. We might thus lose some potential customers, and it is not advantageous at all.
  • #4.You might have been using scripts or flaming from your account, how could we know?
  • #5.The account recovery process via the customer support takes quite some time. There are about 10,000 accounts for sale on our website. Imagine us having the recovery information to each account. Do you think we would be sitting and spamming messages to the League of Legends support team all day long? :)
  • #6.Okay, I believe that you won’t take my account away. But what if the original owner of the account would want to get it back? What should I do then? — After purchasing each account, we do NOT put it up for sale on the website straight away. Therefore, if the real owner wants to get it back, it would only make sense for him to do it right after they get their money. If owner do get an account back, we will open a payment dispute and get our money back. Should this account be already sold to you, you will get a refund or replacement account! More information about where we get our accounts: Where do you get accounts for sale?
  • The Nospells.com website sells only very old accounts!