The Account is Banned?

What if the lol administration bans my account?

Answer: If the account that you have purchased on our website gets banned — which happens very, very rarely — remember that there’s no need to panic. Please, do not open disputes because we will help you resolve this issue anyway.

How will you help me?

  • #1.Contact our customer support and provide the relevant login and password information for your account.
  • #2.Having an access to your account, we will be able to check the reason why your account has been banned in the League of Legend game client.
  • #3.If the account is banned for a reason that’s our fault, we will offer you a substitute account (replacement) with an equivalent price (you will be able to choose it on our website) or a full refund for your account.
  • What is going to happen with the banned account?

    We will contact its previous owner first. If they remember its recovery information, we will then contact the League of Legends customer support department, provide them with full information, and try to unban the account.