Ban or Safe?

Will the League of Legends administration ban my account if they discover that I bought it?

Answer: Many players think that as soon as they buy their second or third account, the administration will somehow know it at once and ban all of their accounts on the spot. That’s simply not the case, and here’s why:

  • #1.How can anyone know that you have bought a game account on our website provided that you are not telling it to anyone on game forums? People will discover it only if you tell them about the purchase. Okay, buy what if they make conclusions taking my new IP address into account? This question is no less popular, so we have decided to create a separate page with the answer to this question: PLAYING FROM A NEW IP ADDRESS
  • #2.How many players are there in League of Legends? Millions or tens of millions? How many accounts are there, in your estimation? — The numbers are even bigger. Will the developers care about your new account? — We think they are not too interested with it.
  • #3.Why would the administration even ban you for the purchase? All you did was simply buying a new account and playing on it. From their perspective, you will play as a regular player and maybe even buy some RP in the future.
  • #4.Is it allowed to have several accounts by the game rules? — Yes, they allow it.
  • #5.But the game rules state that it is prohibited to buy game accounts. — The thing is that the market that deals with account selling and purchasing is quite small. This kind of activity does no harm to the developer company — either financially, or on the gameplay part. But why is it still prohibited? — The administration warns you against buying an account simply because it is somewhat common that people cheat each other, stealing money or hijacking accounts. That’s why they consider such activity to be potentially dangerous to casual players. (If you do not want to be conned out of money or account, you should make purchases on such websites as our or similar marketplaces.)
  • #6.Sometimes the administration finds it profitable to have website like ours around. Why? — Let’s pretend that your account is banned forever. What are your options? Play the game, collect champions, and level up until you reach level 30 all over again? It takes tons of time and the majority of players will sooner leave the game for good than spend years in order to upgrade their accounts once again. It is so much easier to buy a new one for a small amount of dollars.
  • P.S. We did not create this website having in mind some plans to do harm to the game or violate its rules. The main mission of the resource is to facilitate the honest trading process between players who want to buy or sell their accounts. As long as there is demand, this website will be working. Without demand and trade, it will get closed in no time.