Change of Servers or Transfers

Can I transfer my account to some other server?

Answer: Yes, you can transfer it to any other server provided that you have enough RP on the purchased account. The cost of transfer is 2,600 RP.

Will I get banned after I make a transfer?

Of course, not. It is a safe thing to do on every account, regardless of whether it has been bought or not.

Why do people transfer accounts to other servers if they can buy it straight off on the server they need?

  • #1.On our website, some accounts have lower price than others. For instance, EUNE accounts cost much less than their equivalents on such servers as EUW or NA.
  • #2.It is much easier to boost the rank on EUNE or RU servers and transfer the account to the NA server than the other way around. In this case, the account will get a nice boost to its price, too.

    Can I buy RP?