Guarantees on Game Accounts

What guarantee do I have after purchasing an account?

Answer: Well, what can we guarantee to a customer? Here you go:

  • #1.We guarantee that if you have any account issues (for instance, you will have a low priority queue), we will then be able to return you money or give a replacement account.
  • #2.We guarantee that all accounts that are for sale on our website are not botted.
  • #3.We guarantee that nobody will know that you have purchased a game account on our website.
  • #4.We guarantee adequate (not re*ard) support each time you have questions or need help.
  • #5.We guarantee that you will get full access to the purchased account after the payment is done.
  • #6.We guarantee the privacy and security of the customer data on our website.
  • #7.We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the service you get on our website :)