Botted or Non-Botted?

Do you sell botted or hand leveled accounts?

Answer: We do not sell botted accounts, and here’s why:

  • #1.They are getting banned in no time! It simply does not make sense to sell them provided that they are going to get banned in 1 to 5 days after they have been created. You will open a dispute, in that case, and get your money back. As the result, we gain nothing. There is no reason for us to sell botted accounts.
  • #2.Since botted accounts get banned in 100% cases, we would get our reputation tarnished in 100% cases/transactions as well. Furthermore, all our payment accounts would be 100% closed, too.
  • How can I distinguish between botted and hand leveled accounts?

    Answer: Botted accounts do not have:

    • Purchased skins
    • Icons
    • Normal Games
    • Ranked Games
    • ELO/Rank
    • More than 750 RP

    Sometimes they do not have champions at all. One thing they might have is a great amount of Blue Essence, for instance, 30,000 BE, 50,000 BE, 75,000 BE. We recommend you to avoid buying such accounts on other websites as they are always getting banned over time.