I’ve done my placement games and got Iron ELO. What’s up with that?

Answer: Each account you see on our website has full information with in-game screenshots. In the description, you can take a look at its CR (Current Rank / ELO) and LSR (Last Season Rank / ELO). We are taking screenshots for each account so that you have an opportunity to make sure that the given information is real. On these screenshots, you can see the last season rank of each account.

NOTE: In order to take a look at the account’s rank after previous seasons, you need to click on a picture that shows all purchased and received icons. Starting with the first League of Legends season, you get a special icon after each season is ended. This icon shows the rank you have reached during the current season.

For instance, if an account was in the Bronze division by the end of the season before last, the account’s picture would have a bronze icon among other icons.

Would the account’s MMR be decreased if it had a Bronze rank 3 years ago?

For an average MMR, only the results of two previous seasons are counted.

For instance, if you had a Silver rank during the last season, you are going to have a Silver MMR when going through placement games of the current season.

But if you had a Silver rank 3 or 4 years ago, it will not be counted during this season. Your MMR will be a clean slate.

All text and media information about the accounts you see on our website is 99.99% accurate. Please pay attention to the rank of the account you are going to buy and it will save you from an undesirable rank.