There's No Message

What if I did not get a message with account details on my email?

Answer: Let’s go through some main reasons why you might not get the message:

  • #1.Payment rejection. If your payment has been rejected, the message will not be sent as the item has not been paid for. In case your payment is cancelled, you will get an according notification on the checkout page. Information about rejected payments.
  • #2.You do not know where the message has been sent to. In that case, please contact our customer support team. Our agent will help you out. Likewise, you can try to remember which one of your email addresses is linked to your payment account.
  • #3.You have entered an invalid or incorrect email address. In this case, just contact our customer support team and we will resend the message to the correct address.
  • #4.The message has gotten into the spam folder. It happens quite rarely, but we still recommend checking your spam folder.
  • #5.The payment has a pending status. It means that the transaction is not yet completed for some reason. The message is sent automatically only when the payment is successfully completed. As a rule, messages are received within 5 minutes. More about pending status.
  • #6.Our automatic delivery system has malfunctioned. Please contact our customer support team, and we will resend you the message.