Pending Payment Status

What if my payment is pending?

Answer: If your payment has a pending status, please read the following before contacting our customer support team:

  • #1.Wait for a few minutes. There may be issues either on our website’s or your preferred payment system’s part. As a rule, payments are completed within 5 minutes, 10 as a maximum.
  • #2.Please check if there is enough money on your account.
  • #3.Please check the service you are using to make a payment. You may have an Internet purchases limit or unverified user status.
  • #4.Using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, you need 2 confirmations from the blockchain network to make a successful payment. It may take from 10 to 60 minutes.
  • #5.If your payment is pending but the money has been already transferred from your account, please contact our customer support team so that we check the transaction on our side.