Rejected Payments

What should I do if my payment is rejected?

Answer: Before contacting our customer support team, please check the following:

  • #1.Check whether you have enough money in the payment system which you are using to make a purchase.
  • #2.Check every possible verifications or messages from your payment service.
  • #3.There may be issues on our website or on your payment service’s side.
  • #4.You are using a credit card. In some countries, people are allowed to spend credit funds only on a specific range of products.
  • #5.You have got a customer block because of a groundless dispute after the payment is done, attempt to hack the payment system of our website, or attempt to use the account of other person to make a payment.
  • #6.If you are trying to make a payment with no success for the thousandth time, our payment system will automatically block you for 30 minutes for security reasons. Please try again later!
  • If none of these help and you need assistance, please contact our support team. We will check the status of your payment and possible reasons for the rejection.