Is safe place?

How can I trust you? Won’t you cheat me out of money?

Answer: This is a frequent question every Internet user has before buying something online. Considering the fact that there are quite a number of dishonest people in this sphere, every customer is first and foremost concerned with this question.

That’s why we have decided to place it at the top of our FAQ list.

So, have a look at a few points explaining why we are not going to cheat:

  • #1.You can easily open a dispute. As of today, payment systems that offer most various payment methods are putting customer safety as their top priority. Therefore, if you do not get the item you have already paid for, you can always freeze the payment and receive your money back.
  • #2.Should we cheat you, you will most likely tell this story somewhere in the social media networks. Our prospective customers might notice it, take it into account, and go to our competitors. There’s no real benefit for us :(
  • #3.Should we provide you an honest service, you will likely share your positive feedback with some other players, telling that there’s a place where you can buy accounts safely and on a regular basis. And this is indeed beneficial to our business :)
  • #4.The price of an average account on our website is about $20. Why would we con someone out of such a modest amount of money and shoot ourselves in the foot?
  • #5.Even if you are still not convinced, give it a try and buy the cheapest account. You will thus make sure that everything works nicely and there is definitely no intention to cheat anyone.
  • #6.Google some reviews about our website.
  • #7.You can always contact us via the live chat, Discord, or social media. We are not some kind of robots; we are human beings and can provide you support from the moment you choose an account to the checkout page and purchase.
  • #8.After all, we did spend a lot of money and time working on this website. You can rest assured that we did not do it so that we can cheat someone today and close our website tomorrow.
  • We hope that these points are satisfactory enough so that you have a little more trust towards our website.