How Do You Get Accs?

Where and How?

Answer: Every person visiting our website probably starts wondering sooner or later: where do they get so many accounts? Some people think they are botted, other may come to the conclusion that we are stealing them :)

To save you from guessing, we have decided to explain how our website works in general.

There are several people working on our website. One of them is responsible for the purchases of accounts from players who are eager to leave the game or simply need money. This person deals with account purchases only — by the way, it takes a lot of time as it requires the communication with each account owner or seller.

How do we buy accounts provided that owners can get them back and deceive us?

The purchase is being done through the PayPal system using the “goods and services” payments. In case an account owner wants to cheat us after we have already sent them money, we will be able to open a dispute on the spot and receive our payment back. Our PayPal account is active for several years, so once a dispute gets opened, it is then settled in our favor, as a rule.

But then we can deceive the owners of accounts! Right?

Well, it actually makes no sense. If we open a dispute with an intention to cheat someone after they have already send us everything required for an access, they will be able to contact the support and get their account back. As the result, we will not get an account and be unable to resell it and get our profit. All of that would lead to a pointless waste of time.

By the way, we almost never face any fraudsters as we are using PayPal’s “Goods and Services”.

What’s next?

Next, we put this account off for a few months before putting it up for sale. Why do we do that? Here’s the thing: the account’s owner might decide they can get it back after a few months after the deal. In that case, we would be able to respond quickly by opening a dispute. The dishonest account’s owner thus gets into trouble, while our future customers will be safe from it. But, to be honest, such occasions are very rare, about 2 or 3 cases per 100 purchases.

As the result, the website lists accounts which have already gone through the “suspension” and have little to no chance to be returned to the original owner. Experience has shown that if a person does not return their account within the first month after the sale, they will most likely never need it again.

The majority of accounts that can be found on our website are quite old. Make no mistake, we truly care about our customers unlike many other sellers online…