Login and Password

Login or password is incorrect

Answer: If you have found out that the login or password for your purchased account does not work, please read the following points before contacting our customer support team:

  • #1.It is quite common that people select a wrong server of account’s registration when entering in the League of Legends website or game client. We indicate the current account’s server in each message that customers get after they make a purchase. Please pay attention to it and try once more.
  • #2.You have copied and pasted the login or account info with an extra space character. Please copy and paste it carefully once again.
  • #3.You might need to update login (update to a Riot Account)! This update took effect in 2020.
  • #4.My account access details are definitely incorrect. What should I do? Please contact our customer support team and we will quickly fix your issue.